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Anniversary Arts Festival

NCM annually organizes in-campus literary & Music festival in the month of August as part of its foundation month anniversary celebrations, featuring its students and faculty along with special guest performers.

The Festival features seminars, workshops, performances, one-on-one interaction with  resource persons, competitions and many others.


Music Carnival

The NCM Music Carnival is also an annual event that provides a much needed platform to artisans/craftsmen/ food vendors and musicians to cater to a much appreciative audience.

Moreover, it provides an outing opportunity for families to socialize and have plenty of fun.




Music Offerings

As part of our commitment to cater and make quality music available to the community;

we visit and perform occasionally at Churches and schools voluntarily.



The socials and parties organized by our students are one of the finest moments to cherish, and one that is always filled with laughter, fun, good food and dancing.


We appreciate that all work and no play could make one's life dull and less productive.

Hence, annually we organize week-long retreats which involves competitive games both conventional as well as improvised ones, picnics, fun filled activities and many others.

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