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Nagaland Conservatory of Music is affiliated with Martin Luther Christian University. We offer a full-fledged Bachelor of Performing Arts in Music (B.P.A) degree, a four-year professionally oriented degree program, designed to impart an intensive and comprehensive training in practical and theoretical areas of music, balancing technical and musical skills for students planning to pursue a career in music. We also offer a two-year program known as Music Associate Diploma that focuses on the understanding of music and its various elements, providing a well-grounded foundation to competently give leadership in music ministry, teach music in schools, conduct seminars and workshops.

While the curriculum provides for these broad-based skills, it also focuses instruction in the area of the student’s choice, be it voice, instruments, or composition, thus enabling them to be fully equipped to work in any school, church, or institution in the
community.  All of the music courses are taught by full-time faculty who are committed to undergraduate education and who are known globally in various areas of expertise. Each student will work under a faculty supervisor who will guide them through the four-year curriculum. 


Upon graduation, they will be certified to teach all aspects of music in any grade from kindergarten to higher secondary level in any school in the country and abroad.  The curriculum will also provide an excellent foundation for students who wish to continue higher studies with the goal of becoming a professional music performer, music educationist, or music entrepreneur.

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